The Telangana Cricket Association (TCA)

Two Day League Championship Playing Conditions & Rules of Play                             

1.    All the matches will be played as per MCC Laws (2000 code 5th edition 2013) and current BCCI playing conditions except as valid here under.

2.     All matches shall be of 2 Days Duration each Innings Restricted to 90 overs per inning.

3.    Hours of Play:                                                                                                                                          

09:30 am   to  11:00 am    First Session                                                            

11:00 am   to  11:05 am    Drinks Break                                                                                     

11:05 am   to  12:35 pm    Second Session                                                     

12:35 pm   to  01:20 pm    Lunch  Break                                                                                       

01:20 pm   to  02:50 pm    Third Session                                                         

02:50 pm   to   03:10 pm   Tea Break                                                                

03:10 pm   to   04:40 pm   Fourth Session


4.    Teams should be present at the respective grounds at least 35 minutes before the schedule start of the match for the smooth conduct of the league matches.                                   Each team should nominate its playing Xl 10 Minutes prior to the toss.

5.    Number of overs per day: On all days 90 overs have to be bowled in six hours of playing time (15 overs per hour of playing time)

6.    Un-interrupted Matches: On first day 90 overs have to be bowled, if necessary by extending the game to a maximum of 30 minutes

i) On first day, if play is delayed or suspended due to adverse weather, heat or any other reason playing time will be extended to the extent of time lost up to a maximum of 30 minutes.

ii) If first day is completely washed out without a ball being bowled, second day will be a one day duration of 50 overs per side played under one day knock-out playing conditions.

iii)On second day play shall continue beyond the schedule/re-scheduled closing time till a result is achieved provided ground, weather or light conditions permit.


7.    Penalty for slow over rate:

i)             Penalty clause will apply for slow over rate.

ii)            Penalty will be doubled the run rate scored by the team batting multiplied by number of overs bowled short.

iii)           Fractions are to be ignored at the end of the calculations.

iv)           Penalty will not be applicable if the side is all out or declares its innings closed within 50 or less overs.

v)            While calculating penalty the following deductions should be made regarding time lost during play due to the following:

a.    Two minutes for every wicket taken.

b.    Five minutes for each drinks break taken in any session.

c.    Actual time lost due to any circumstances beyond the control of the fielding side.


8.    Interval for Drinks:

i)             One drink break per session will be permitted. The drinks break should be kept as short as possible and in any case shall not exceed 5 minutes.

ii)            An individual player may be given a drink either on the boundary edge or at the fall of wicket on the field provided no playing time is wasted.

iii)           No other drinks shall be taken on the field without the permission of the Umpires.


9.    No-Ball: Two bouncers per over is allowed. Subsequent bouncer (3rd in a over)shall be called no-ball, the umpires shall follow the procedure of caution, warning and removal as per BCCI playing conditions.

10.   Wide Ball:

i)  A ball which passes after pitching above the batsman head to an extent that it prevents the batsman from being able to hit with the bat by means of normal cricket stroke, the umpire shall call the delivery wide and it shall also be considered as one bouncer for the over.

ii) For bowlers, whom the umpires feel are adopting negative tactic by bowling down the leg-side, the limited overs wide interpretation will be applied.

iii) For bowlers, attempting to utilise the rough outside the batsman leg stump, not necessarily as negative tactics, the strict limited overs wide interpretation shall be applied.

11.   Balls: Teams are entitled to claim the second new ball on completion of a minimum of 75 overs on turf pitches, 50 overs on matting wicket

12.  Tea: If play has been suspended for 30 minutes or more prior to the commencement of the scheduled tea interval, the tea interval shall be delayed for 30 minutes.

13.  Extra Time: The umpires may decide to play 30 minutes (minimum of 8 overs) extra time at the end of any day (other than last day) if, requested by the either captain if, in the umpires opinion, It would bring about definite result on that day. If the umpires do not believe a result can be achieved, no extra time shall be allowed.

14.  Covering the Pitch: The pitch shall be covered during the inclement weather/rain before the start of the match during play and at the end of the each days play as per the availability of covers. 

15.  Points System:




Award Points


Out-Right Win

5 points for the winning team.


No points, except any gained Batting or Bowling points for the losing team


Victory by Inning+

2 Bonus points for the winning team will be awarded.



3 Points will be awarded to the team gaining first innings lead and 2 points for the trailing team.


Tie on First Innings

3 Points will be awarded to each team.


Tie after two complete innings

3 Points will be awarded to each team.


 Abandoned or washed out

3 Points will be awarded to each team.


Drawn on without First Innings lead

2 Points will be awarded to each team.




Bonus points for batting and bowling in first innings in 90 overs



 Team scored 200 runs


Team scored 275 runs


Team scored 350 runs





For taking 3 wickets


For taking 6 wickets


For taking 9 wickets





If the match is played on a one day format on 2nd Day due to washed out play on 1st Day, only the Victory, Draw and Tie points be awarded. No batting and bowling points will be awarded

16.  Umpires: No protest will be entertained against umpiring decisions. Umpire decision is final, however, if there is a difference of opinion from either side captain, the team can send a Protest to TCA Secretary, but shall continue the play as per Rules of Play.

17.  Responsibility of Captains: T[hr1] he captains are responsible at all times for ensuring that play is conducted with in the spirit of the game as well as within the laws. The spirit of the game involves giving due respect to: 

A)     Opponent Coach, Captain and Team

B)     Own Coach, Captain and Team

C)     The Umpires, Scorers and TCA Officials


18.  Players and Team Discipline: Each Team and its Players including the Coach and their Management is expected to maintain utmost discipline, Good Character and Positive Attitude towards Opponents and Officials of the Match.


19.  Observers Report is Final: In Certain conditions, TCA will entertain its Observers Report in terms of Team Discipline, Players attitude and Culture etc.. If any Team or Players of the Team are found guilty of mis conduct or indiscipline behaviour with TCA Officials, Umpires and Scorers, the Team will lose its Points as followed:

A)   -1point on top of penalty for Match delaying tactics beyond umpires acceptance

B)   -2points for indiscipline in view of the Umpires for any reasons beyond above mentioned Rules and Playing Conditions.

However, if the Team Captain apologises and brings back its discipline in next 3 Consecutive Matches thereafter, the TCA Observers may recommend in writing to waive 50% of the points lost for earlier behaviour

C)   Since the Teams behaviour effects the Performance of the Players accordingly and TCA League Reputation will be at stake, abiding by Rules of Play with discipline is mandatory for all the Teams and Players.